About Me

i’m not the best about talking myself up. So let me just steal from my publishers site:

profile picClark Chamberlain is a true son of the west. Born in northern Idaho during the nation’s bicentennial, Clark has always been a man on the move. By the age of 20 he had already lived in five states, been homeless, broken his heart, and tore his lunch cooler from the mouth of a bear.

Certainly Clark is a man who has followed his own path in life. From working in television and radio to building houses in Jackson Hole to teaching kids at summer camp Clark has amassed a wealth of experiences to write about.10403314_10203654665660147_2513656656923041197_n

But at the age of 31 he made a decision that would completely change his life; he joined the US army. He was training in a program designed for men a decade younger than him but he was able to succeed. One fellow soldier commented to him that he thought Clark’s decision to join may been a midlife crises, and that he “should have bought the car.”

Clark’s service in the army took him through five countries, introduced him to people that participate in the world of political politics, and placed him in the center of the Arab Spring in Baghdad.

Clark is a veteran of the Iraq war and it was during his time there that he wrote the majority of his first novel, Loves Deception. His decision to volunteer to serve in Iraq came out of a desire to help others. While there he served at a security check point at the UN where he had the great fortune to meet and work with some of the finest people in the world.409100_4384067752816_32844252_n

Clark Chamberlain is currently living in Idaho Falls with his wife, two sons, an old dog, and one mean cat. He enjoys traveling, meeting fantastic people, and sharing in new experiences; all of which gives him the ability to write about the world he sees.

We know that you will love the writing of Clark as much as we do.