amazon breakthrough novel award official selectionI was so excited when I learned that Killer, Candor, Liar, Lover was accepted as an official selection of the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. Although my novel did not move on to the third round it was an amazing feeling to beat out 18,000 other books and make it through two rounds of competition.

I’ve had my supporters telling me that Killer, Candor, Liar, Lover is a great story. This award nomination is just the icing on the validation cake. Here’s what the judges had to say:

ABNA Expert Reviewer

Henry Ricks is unlucky in love and in business. He owes his former wife $350,000. Meanwhile, a hit woman, fresh from killing a real estate mogul of vast fortune, is about to enter his life. The situations in the opening pages take place in two settings. You’re not rushing the story, you allow each situation to unfold before moving forward. You handle the pace of the story well.

ABNA Expert Reviewer

Mabel is a fascinating character, and starting with the way she kills her mark was a great way to pull the reader in. Then comes Melissa, a viper after her ex, and the bumbling ex, wanting only to be left alone, and unable to win against the ex. Add in the Father and little sister Rachel, and the story moves right along with lots of questions and no answers… kept me guessing and trying to figure it out the whole time. Interesting plot, lots of twists and intrigue. I am definitely interested in how the story came to this point, and what will happen from here. I would definitely buy and read it.


Thanks so much to the judges and the sponsors. It was a fantastic ride!