Clark Chamberlain

Story Engineer


I love comics. They are some of the first stories that I ever connected with. Reading the Sunday funnies and then broadening my reach into the Marvel and DC Universe with Larry Hama’s GI Joe, Transformers, X-Men, Dare Devil, Batman and the Punisher. Today I still find great stories being told in comics. Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye changed my entire thought process of what a mainstream comic could be. The series shaking Superior Spider-Man grabbed my interest from issue one until the end.

The marriage of art and words is a wonderful union that offers a deep level of connection to the reader. I’ve drawn for a number of years but never to the level I wanted to be. Now I do most of my work in programs like Daz3d and Photoshop. I have four comics that I’m currently working on:

Smugglers Inc.
Duck Boy
So You Want to Hunt Demons?
The Crew

Each one is unique and filled with wonderful locations, characters and story. As always I’d love to get your feedback. And never miss a single page by signing up here.



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