Clark Chamberlain

Story Engineer


So for the longest time I never thought I could write a novel and after I published my first novel I thought maybe I shouldn’t have ever written a novel. That was before I surrounded myself with an amazing team and now this is all I ever want to do.

My first series Killer, Candor, Liar, Lover is in full swing and you can grab a copy of book one at all your favorite book sellers. Book two, Another Day Another Deception will be out by December with the final book in the trilogy landing in May of 2015.

After the Killer, Candor, Liar, Lover series is over I’m going to introduce you to Noah Burke, the greatest detective the west has ever seen. He’s great at his job but his life is a mess. You can read along with parts of his first adventure, Strangers in a Bed by signing up for my newsletter. The Noah Burke series will debut summer of 2015.

Thank you for letting me share my work with you. I hope you continue to enjoy the stories I share.

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