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Gain Maximum Engagement by Understanding What Readers Want

5000 hours of research

This course represents over 5000 hours of research into the craft of storytelling and psychology of reading. I've boiled it down to a core level of understanding so you can take what you learn and put right to work.

sell more books

I set out to learn how to sell more books, but I found so much more. This research has changed not only how I write stories but how I view the world. It has changed my life.

changing People's lives

As authors, we represent the one sure-fire way of changing people' s lives. Why? Because it is only in a story that a person can experience deep empathy and truly see the world through a new set of eyes.

students taught
4 and 5 star reviews  
From My Students
"Clark Chamberlain KNOWS story and in Punch them in the Gut: Writing Fiction with Emotional Impact he PROVES it, with lessons that bore to the core of story and tell you exactly how to reach into a reader’s heart so that they want to tear through your book and get to the next one." -Sean Platt, Sterling and Stone
“This course helped to remind me that it is all about what the reader wants, and this is what I need to keep in mind if I want to become a better writer, and write better books.”
-Chantelle Atkins, The Tree of Rebels
“This course is refreshing and not sugar coated. Clark explains exactly what needs to happen in a book to make it great. Things clicked for me that I've heard a million times but just did not grasp. I wish it were longer and I look forward to applying these things to my future work.”
-Mindie Erb
“This course provides an excellent, easily-consumed guide to shaping your fiction writing. Its most important advice is to UNDERSTAND YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE and their life experiences. That leads to engagement, and to sharing, and thence to sales and enthusiastic fans. And isn't that what we writers are all about?”
-Michael Carney
“I have taken a few courses on writing, But this presented the material in a fresh way. Easy to comprehend, divided into manageable chunks. Clear and concise. The way it was presented seemed strange at first, but soon got into it I felt this was a very organic way to learn Good quality. Clark knows his stuff!”
-Vidar Johansen
“I had butterflies in my stomach when I started watching the course, because I always had doubts and a nervous feeling about my "amateur writing" among trained and well educated authors. Clark made my day by showing me that although I wrote my novels by following my instincts, I did a very good job.”
-Erika Szabo, Protected by the Falcon
“Punch Them in the Gut: Writing Fiction with Emotional Impact is a "must-have" for any writer. Clark Chamberlain presents an outstanding course in what is "left unsaid" in so many "how to write" lectures.”
-Paula Aites
“This was a very informative learning experience. The instructor is very clear and concise I came away with a lot of new information that I will be applying in my writing thank you Clark!!!”
-Jackie Allen
“This course is great! I've applied some of the principles when creating content in my Facebook group, and people really responded better! I'm working on several stories now. This course has helped me avoid making my stories too bland. Really good stuff.”
-Jean Paul
“This course was informative and definitive. So important for writers to understand these concepts. Thanks for sharing from your personal life. It's all so believable.”
-Donna Mann
“This instructor knows his stuff, but what I liked best about the course was his passion for changing the world with our writing. [The worksheets] are VITAL. So be sure to download them. They are the templates that you will use to plan novels and characters that will move your readers and leave them changed.”
-Sally Apokedak, The Button Girl
“Truly an amazing course. I've taken almost every writing course offered on Udemy and, after finishing this one, I can say this is, by far, the best. Clark Chamberlain has tremendous passion for the power of story, and that passion comes through in each of his lectures. My finished book will be much stronger and more impactful because of this course.”
-Charles Terrano
“There is a LOT of "meat" here and very little fluff, and I've found the course material very useful in defining my target audience, fleshing out my primary protagonist, and reconnecting with the emotional levers that made me want to tell my fictional story in the first place.”
-Marie Elwood
“Mr. Chamberlain was extremely knowledgeable and very articulate. He related his knowledge on writing in a very easy to follow manner and was very relaxed in his delivery. I could really use his expertise in writing dialogue and some formal tutoring on narrative would be awesome. You can never learn too much from someone who's already been there, done that successfully. Thank you Mr. Chamberlain.”
 -Lindy Bauer
“The feel of this is like a conversation between a couple writers over coffee where one is sharing an insight or turning point for themselves and how they revised their approach into a nutshell. If you're an experienced writer, we're often (always) looking for that nugget that will kick us into overdrive, and this may have it.”
-By Jove
“Truly, this training is motivating, inspiring and professional. A must-have for all fiction authors.”
-Jennifer Waddle, Broken Crayons Still Color
“Without being at all 'dry' or patronizing, Clark is able to guide you through the process of structuring your story and what pitfalls to avoid. I especially like that Clark doesn't just lecture at you, but instead causes you to think deeply about the craft of writing.”
-Susan Russel
“I really enjoyed the way the subject matter was put together. It was very easy to grasp and understand, and I feel better equipped to write stories that will touch readers, after taking it. I'm sure I'll go back, several times, to refresh my memory and understanding, and I will definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to connect emotionally with their readers. Totally worth the money.”
-Cindy Cowles, If I could Turn Back Time
“Storycraft taught by a publisher has to be good... and it is. Engaging and valuable course.”
-Chris Hemmes
“I took a course on Udemy on plotting, and this course expended and deepened what I'd learned before. Thanks so much. I will probably come back several times to review some of the salient points - what am I saying? I'll be back a lot!”
-Suzanne Shobe
“I've taken a lot of the writing classes and they are all okay, motivational if nothing more. But Clark goes a step further and really gives you some meat to work with! Lectures are clear and easily understandable. Great worksheets to get your characters and story to come to life.”
-Kerry Milauskas
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